The Hydro royal series of pool heat pumps also carries a unique design TXV (Thermal Expansion Valve) which has been optimized for R-410A refrigerant to precisely regulate the flow of refrigerant through the coil, achieving maximum efficiency, especially at lower temperatures and allowing lower cost of operation.

The Hydro Royal Heat Pump extracts free heat from the earth’s atmosphere, a renewable energy source, and mechanically upgrades it and transfers it to the pool water. The process is clean and safe for the environment.

There are no harmful emissions or dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. Even its controls are designed to work in conjunction with solar panel system for the ultimate high efficiency pool heating system. A true solar heat pump!




- Easy to read & program Dual Digital Thermostat
-  Ultra-Quiet Fan & Insulated Compressor
-  Dual Thermostat and LED Readout
-  Maintenance-free, non-metal cabinet
-  Powerful and Efficient
Titanium heat exchanger
-  Lockable Controls
-  State of the Art Manufacturing Facility
-  Low speed fan, quiet scroll compressor and sound dampening heat exchanger make for as low as 56 decibels at full operation.

Testimonial video provided by one of our Hydro Royal heat pump dealers "Thank You"

Testimonial video provided by one of our Hydro Royal dealers "Thank You"
Hydro Royal 150 RA Heat and Cool Hydro Royal 125 RA Heat and Cool
Hydro Royal 150 RA Hydro Royal 125 RA
Hydro Royal HR 90 RA Hydro Royal HR 110 RA
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