Titanium Heat Exchanger

Revolutionary, Efficient Technology

Titanium Heat Exchangers - Turbo Titanium Strength

Pool Heat Pumps use all-titanium heat exchangers. All quality heat pumps have given up the usage of cupronickel or copper in the exchanger. Homeowners now expect a titanium heat exchanger.

Why? Titanium is IMPERVIOUS to corrosion, which means it will never corrode or wear out.

Our rifled design assures maximum transfer of heat to your pool water. The tight rifling allows for less titanium in the inner core of the exchanger. As a result, giving you a very efficient, light weight unit.

What is Turboguard?

Turboguard is the trade name for the specially designed heat exchanger used in HydroRoyal Heat Pump pool heaters. The name reflects (2) key aspects of the heat exchanger's design. "Turbo" reflects the enhanced surface turbo action of the water and Freon in the heat exchanger and "guard" reflects the nature of the fusion blended alloy material used to guard against or prevent corrosion of the heat exchanger.What is enhanced surface tubing?
Enhanced surface tubing is a twisted tube as opposed to standard round tube. It has two major advantages over standard round tube as follows:

  • 3-4 times the surface area over a given length versus standard round tube (more surface area equals more heat transfer and a more compact design).

  • More heat transfer equals more efficiency which equals lower operating costs for the pool owner.

  • Turbulating action of the water as it swirls around the twisted tube (water simply passes over round tube in a straight line). The turbulating action of the water increases heat transfer and acts as a self cleaning mechanism, eliminating scale and corrosion on the surface of the tube. The net result is significantly lower operating costs .


Features a Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase a Swimming Pool Heat Pump, your heater is protected by a strong warranty: Lifetime warranty on the Titanium Heat Exchanger.


Titanium Advantages Features a Lifetime Warranty

  • Designed and developed for the best performance and highest efficiency in the industry

  • Enhanced surface tubing design

  • Long lasting with A LIFETIME heat exchanger warranty to back it up

  • This is the next generation of heat exchangers that let you enjoy your pool and not worry about the chemicals hurting your investment

Please note: Good water balance is easy to maintain. Though our Titanium heat exchanger is designed to withstand pool water that is out of balance, bad water chemistry can cause damage to or failure of other equipment on your pool. Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy.