Customer Courtesy Heat Pump Help Program
by Hydro Royal Heat Pumps

To successfully respond our video or phone Skype assistance, please, make sure that you correctly prepare:

  • A phone or a tablet with a Skype Application installed. Video calls would be preferred.

  • Your Skype account.

  • A headphone or Bluetooth earpiece connect to your device.

  • Please, send us an email or give us a phone call to set up an appointment. Our mornings have special reserved time slots solely for the purpose of a Customer Courtesy Heat Pump Help.

As soon as your appointment date has come, please, dial us from your Skype account, requesting a video conference call with our account that will be provided to you during the appointment setting. You can also press the Skype button bellow as soon as you are ready to receive our assistance and as soon as you are ready at your job site for the video conference.

Mr. Miller personally will make sure to answer your request from our reception desk that has the ideal connection with our Skype account. You will then have the opportunity to show him your job site using your device's video camera and talk to him about your project.

Press to call us:

If you experience any difficulties while trying to connect with our Skype Account or trying to start the video conference, please, contact us and provide your Skype name so we can start the video call from our end of the application.

In the case of a bad phone reception in the job location or lack of a reliable Wi-Fi connection, we suggest giving you assistance only by phone or email since the video assistance using Skype might not work.

Our number one priority is to provide a stress free support and guide you without any frustration from the use of technology to enhance our communication.

This service won't be charged. You will receive up to 1 hour of a free professional evaluation and help. We cover free advice on product information and installation for Geothermal heat pumps, Aquaculture heat pump and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. No purchase necessary to receive this service.

It is our pleasure to assist you.


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